Getting delayed is no longer a problem with flight delay compensation

Being delayed is no longer something that you need to worry about, well thats not strictly true as its still depressing being stuck in the airport for 3 hours plus waiting around for your flight to depart. Well fortunately anyone who is in the EU will be able to benefit from using a flight delay compensation service such as who will be able to aid you in getting back any money that you may be owed back by the airline.

We’ve all had to sit there and be delayed form time to time and check the board again and again to see when the flight time is updated too, sometimes the delays can only last an hour and then there are the nightmare delays that will have you sat in an airport waiting for 8 hours these are the kind of ones that flight delay specialists specialise in and will be able to get you back up to £600 in compensation per person. This means for a family of four you could potentially be owed well over £2000 even if you’re flight had only cost you £40 per ticket per person.

when flying abroad there are a few reasons why you will be able to claim, these tend to be things that could of been prevented by the airline in question such as maintenance checks taking too long, losing the luggage of passengers and anything else which is their own fault. However there are a few reasons that you wont be able to claim and these are things that cannot be prevented by the airline such as any security incidents that may occur at the airport, if there is extreme weather preventing the flight from taking off or anything similar to this which is outside of the airlines control.